Traveling from Hanoi to Hong Kong

Traveling between Hanoi and Hong Kong is fairly simple, especially for those who have a large budget as there are direct flights available between the two destinations. Traveling overland is significantly cheaper than air travel but it can be rather tricky as there is no direct route between Hanoi and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is located a little under 900 kilometers from Hanoi, which is quite a large distance to cover overland, even though there are good roads connecting the two destinations. The fastest way to complete the journey from Hanoi to Hong Kong is by plane and although this is also the most expensive form of transport air travelers do save a little money as they don’t need to pay out for a visa to mainland China. Otherwise the journey can be completed by road, rail and hydrofoil.

The fast/expensive way – by Air

There are large modern airports at both Hanoi and Hong Kong and the flight takes just two hours. This is a popular air route and there are regular flights provided by Trans North Av, Vietnam Airlines, Hong Kong Express, China Southern, Vietnam Air Corp and Cathay Pacific. While Vietnam Airlines provides the largest number of flights, the cheapest tickets are available from budget airline Trans North Av at $518.

The hard way – by train, boat, bus and taxi

Traveling from Hanoi to Hong KongBy train – although it is possible to complete the journey by train, there is no direct train route between Hanoi and Hong Kong. Passengers can travel via Nanning, which means changing trains just once. The journey costs a total of US$130 for soft sleeper class and takes about two and a half days.

Trains can be caught from the main stations at both Hanoi and Hong Kong, and there are regular connections at Nanning. It is necessary to pay for both trains separately.

By boat – Those who want to travel by ferry can take an alternative route via Macau, as Hong Kong is a 1 hour hydrofoil ride from Macau and this is a memorable way to complete the journey.