From Kunming to Hong Kong

Traveling from The Chinese city of Kunming to Hong Kong is fairly straightforward and there are a number of different ways to complete the journey. Kunming and Hong Kong are two of the most popular destinations in China and it is possible to travel between the two areas by plane, train, bus and boat.

Hong Kong is a little over 1,200 kilometers from Kunming, which takes a significant amount of time to cover using an overland route. However, those with little time to spare can choose to fly between the two destinations, which reduces the travel time to less than two hours.

The fast/expensive way – by Air

There are airports at both Kunming and Hong Kong, with the flight taking an hour and a half. There are regular flights provided by China Eastern Air, Cathay Pacific Air, Dragonair and China Southern, with the cheapest flights provided by China Eastern Air at $586. A good way to save some money is by flying from Kunming to Shenzhen and then taking a ferry the rest of the way.

The hard way – by train, boat, bus and taxi

From Kunming to Hong KongBy train – although there is no direct train between Kunming and Hong Kong it is easy to complete the journey by train simply by changing at Guangzhou.

By boat – those who like to travel by boat can choose to travel to Shenzhen by plane or bus and they take a ferry to Hong Kong, which costs around 200 RMB.

By bus – those who choose to travel by bus will have to set aside at least three days and many people prefer to break up the journey halfway through. Perhaps the most interesting and scenic route from Kunming is to take the bus into Guizhou and spend the night there, continuing on to Hong Kong the next day.

By taxi – traveling the entire distance from Kunming to Hong Kong would take more than 13 hours in total and works out to be more expensive than flying.