Discover the Magic of Halong Bay

Halong BayHalong Bay is without doubt among the most enchanting destinations in the whole of Vietnam and people travel here from all over the world. The area is so enchanting that it has been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong Bay cruises are offered by several different local companies, and this is by far the best way to discover all that the area has to offer.

Most cruises start by taking visitors to the enchanting Cat Ba island. This picturesque island is blessed with a large number of natural features such as forests, grottos and reefs. Local guides are on hand to take visitors around the island and reveal the most scenic spots.

Next stop on the cruise itinerary is usually Tuan Chau, which features a small community. One of the main highlights here is a small hut that is said to have housed Ho Chi Minh when he visited the area. The hut has been transformed into a shrine and is an interesting place to pause for a while.

The island of Hang Hanh is rather isolated and is one of the most mystical attractions in the Halong Bay area. Visitors can take a row boat from their cruise ship into the inviting Mount Quang Hanh cave. The waterway here runs for some two kilometers, passing impressive chambers that glisten with crystals.

Hang Trinh Nu is known as the Virgin Cave and takes its name from local legend. Exploring this cave is an enchanting experience that should not be missed by visitors. Among the main highlights here are the impressive Hang Sung Sot and the aptly named Cave of Awe.

Halong Bay cruises are many and varied and are flexible enough to be adapted to your own personal style. Water sports enthusiasts can book a cruise that includes kayaking and snorkeling. Food lovers may also want to check out the sunset dining cruise option.