This site is dedicated to Asia and especially doing business in Asia. Not only is Asia one of the largest continents in the world, it is also one of the most diverse. Hundreds of different languages are spoken throughout Asia and each country has its own native languages as well as rich histories and cultures.

However, English is the most commonly spoken language in Asia when it comes to doing business, which helps to give potential investors a foothold, while dollars are accepted as a form of currency in most parts of the continent. The recent addition of a large number of countries into ASEAN has helped to make doing business in Asia even easier and there are now lots of great business opportunities that are just waiting to be enjoyed from people who are based all over the world.

Of course, the best way to gain an insight into Asia and the diverse range of cultures and histories that can be found there is by planning a trip to Asia. From the large nation of India to small yet very technologically advanced Singapore, each Asian nation has something special to offer. Therefore, many of the articles that can be found right here on this site present an overview of various different Asian nations to help visitors to understand them a bit better. Reading these articles may also inspire visitors to this site to go traveling in Asia so that they can learn more about the continent and its treasures firsthand.