After this year’s Silicon Valley, then Madrid, Glasgow, Singapore,
Turin, Copenhagen/Lund, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Amsterdam, Bandung
– Indonesia will become the hosting city of the organising of “the
Triple Helix 10th International Conference 2012 (TH 2012)”, August 08 –
10, 2012.

The webpage address of TH 2012 is

We are pleased to announce that on the said dates span, Institut
Teknologi Bandung (ITB) together with Indonesia’s the Ministry of
Research and Technology, and the Directorate General of Higher
Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture, will hold the tenth of
the Triple Helix international conferences, in Bandung, West Java,

Addressing the theme of "Emerging Triple Helix Models for Developing
Countries: From Conceptualisation to Implementation", the conference
will offer unique plenary addresses, among other ASEAN Ministerial ,
business, and academics panels.

With the venue of Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel, the famous historical
five star hotel exudes an opulence ambience, its selection come on
thorough consideration of fulfilling of will the TH 2012 participants
with needs for wellness and leisure.

We enclose a copy of a call for paper leaflet of the TH 2012, for your
perusal, please feel free to forward it to your colleagues and friends.

Please let us know should you find the credential of this message's
sending does not meet with your discretion.

Thank you for your kindest attention.


Amir F. Manurung
International S&T Network, S&T Network, The Ministry of Resarch and
Technology, The Republic Of Indonesia.



- Theme:
"Emerging Triple Helix Models for Developing Countries: From
Conceptualization to Implementation"

- Key Themes:
“Strengthening National Innovation Policies in Developing Countries”
“Building Infrastructure”
“ Success Stories in Enhancing the Relevance of the Triple Helix Model”


Please include one paragraph on the importance of Triple Helix
interactions and innovation for growth and economic success particularly
for developing countries, and also the objective of the conference.

Abstracts will be uploaded directly to the conference online system that
can be accessed at through the conference’s website:


The above main theme is derived into several sub-themes. All the
submitted papers are expected to follow their sub-themes, they are:

A. Strengthening National Innovation Policies in Developing Countries

1. Grouped Sectors: Universities and R&D Institutions
Building entrepreneurship and social transforming leadership in
universities and R&D institutions: Emerging and new approaches for the
management of R&D institutions in developing countries.

2. Grouped Sectors: Business
Introducing R&D activities as the gauging factor for the management of
innovation in businesses.

3. Grouped Sectors: Government
Reconstructing the holistic profile of governments in deploying innovation

4. Grouped Sectors: Communities
Strengthening the communities, combating poverty in the developing
countries, expanding the civilisation achievement

5. Grouped Sectors: Developing Countries Issues
The Triple Helix concept as innovation strategy for transforming
developing countries: cases learned from developing countries and in the
context within ASEAN.

B. Building Infrastructure
Papers under this theme to relate to the development of innovation
infrastructure in the following sectors:

- Automotive/Transportation Innovations
- Defence
- Energy
- Food
- Health and medicine
- Advanced materials
- Science parks/centres.

C. Success Stories in Enhancing the Relevance of the Triple Helix Model
Here papers are invited on creating live policy issues that address
specific aspects of how the Triple Helix concept and
academia/business/government interactions can spur the innovative
capacities and capabilities of developing countries. The objective is to
stimulate discussion/dialogues and policy development that will bring to
the fore the role of innovation can play in the economic growth and
success in developing countries.

Well-articulated statements here will offer an important framework for
dialogue/discussion/presentation and for the dissemination of knowledge
and experience that
will enhance the relevance of the Triple Helix Model in the developing
countries, particularly among ASEAN Countries.
Therefore, the subject areas are expected to cover:

- Background
- Scope
- Detailed description, including any related or associated problems and


- Abstract:
Written in English, the abstract should consist of minimum 1,000 words
and maximum 1,500 words (excluding references). The brief summary must

1. Sub Theme;
2. Title;
3. Keywords, maximum 5;
4. Brief presentation of the state-of-the-art, methodology, findings and
interpretation, conclusions, policy implications, and directions for
further research.
To assist on blind peer reviewing, the abstracts must not contain any
text about the authors. Detailed instructions for full papers will be
sent on acceptance of

- Document format:
The text must be as .doc or .pdf file, with Arial 10 or Times New Roman
12 font.


- Closing date for Abstract submission:
10 December 2011

- Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
10 February 2012

- Submission of Full Paper:
10 April 2012

- Notification of Full Paper Acceptance:
10 May 2012

- Submission of Camera Ready Paper:
10 June 2012


Please contact the organising committee through the addresses of:
- Amir Faisal Manurung (
- Eko Agus Prasetio (

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